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How Does One Start Teaching Social Networking For Business?

Any person who is considering teaching social networking for business should be successful at generating clients and revenue before they start teaching. However, this is not the case with most people who teach. The claim to fame for most people is how many followers (or friends) they have obtained. They may even boast about how many re-tweets they have been able to have over the course of their social networking career. Yet, neither of these two metrics matter and they should not be the foundation of how a teacher should found their teaching principals on.

The real skill in business is the skill to be able to generate money from any medium. This includes social networking. A skilled master of social media should know their numbers inside and out before hanging their shingle out as a social media expert. An expert who cannot generate sales and clients by using their own system should not be teaching other people how to use the system. In actuality, they really are just training themselves still and should be ignored until they can produce quantifiable results.

In business every action must be equated to ROI (return on investment) or ROEI (return on energy investment). In this case, we could change the energy into a time investment (they really are the same thing). Anything that a business allocates man-hours or money to should return money equal to or in greater sums than was put out. However, this is not the case for most social media campaigns. Social media usually does not have any metrics applied to its use, therefore, it is harder to discern whether or not a campaign is successful or not.

A person who wants to start teaching social media needs to apply the right metrics to their actions and prove that they make money with the actions they take within the platform. This proof is the best advertising, as many social media experts cannot claim that they have ever made money with the platforms. A person who can prove that they have generated money with social networking can defeat those businesses and business people who cannot prove that they have made money with the systems (there are a numerous amount of these people).

In closing, a person who wants to start teaching social media as a professional needs to be to generate money before they even think of offering their skills to any business or person. Any social media expert who does not generate money with their methods is not a real expert and should not be teaching their skill set to the community. This action is akin to stealing because they do not give any value back to the market, they are focused on taking value from the market. This approach to business never lasts and the social media expert will soon run out of clients. Always focus on the bottom line and the bottom line in any business is the amount of cash an activity can generate. The strongest proof any teacher can have is the amount of value they generate with their methods. Focus on generating money and do not teach until there is proof.

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Twitter for Business - Why Bother?

Today, just about everyone will have heard of Twitter unless they have been hiding away somewhere. It is probably the fastest growing social network on the internet, taking the internet by storm with an average of 10,000 new sign ups on a daily basis. Twitter is a micro-blog site where you answer the question "What are you doing?" in 140 characters or less.

Promote your business and gain more traffic

In essence, Twitter is a relationship building tool. The obvious business use of Twitter is to meet potential customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consultants will advise that Twitter should be used to drive people to your company's website through linking to your content. To do this you should tweet about interesting news, stories and information. This could be the latest blogs you have posted, recent press releases or a white paper that can be downloaded. Tweeting this information with a back link to the relevant page on your website can be extremely valuable. If your content is of a high quality then people will start tweeting about it and share this with their Twitter friends.

A social media site like Twitter is also useful for promoting events. The next time your company is holding an event or seminar, tweet it out for full exposure to your Twitter community. By tweeting about events, useful resources and thoughtful tips, your company will eventually become an expert and people will begin to consider you as a specialist in your area of expertise.

Monitor your brand

Twitter as a social media platform allows you to monitor your brand. You can search and track what people are saying about your company, products, competitors or any other buzz words in your industry.

Twitter has a favourites feature. On your Twitter stream you are able to "star" a tweet which adds it as a favourite. As you track what people are saying about your company, you can "star" all the positive tweets. This is valuable information as you can then show the public what is being said about your brand and company. When you get an enquiry about your company you can send them the link to your favourites on twitter.

Offer real-time customer service

Another important role of Twitter for business is to use it as a virtual customer service centre. By responding to customer comments or concerns about your company or products via Twitter you are helping them in real time - answering their queries, responding to negative feedback and giving help to customers. This speedy response will impress your customer no end. Plus it will show other potential customers that you care. Not only this you can also inform your customers if there are any problems with your website, or if your site is down for maintenance and for how long.

Getting support

It is important to remember that the Twitter community is dynamic and growing all the time. Using a social media consultant to devise a creative and powerful Twitter campaign can be extremely rewarding for your business.

When getting started, using Twitter can seem very daunting and it's likely that you will need the support of a local digital marketing and SEO company who specialise in social media marketing services. Specialists in this area will be able to help you with your Twitter marketing requirements. Don't forget to use blogs and forums where possible as there will be lots of people who are happy to provide further support and talk about their own experiences and successes carrying out different internet marketing strategies.

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How to Use Facebook for Business: Five Top Tips

There are a number of ways you can begin learning how to use Facebook for business. Facebook offers a variety of methods, free and paid, that help you gain more exposure for your company. This is especially helpful if you have a brand new website that you need to promote, but you don't want to spend a lot of money in doing so.

Here are some ways you can start promoting your company using Facebook. Remember, you can start small. You don't have to use the paid options if you don't want to.

1. Make a basic Facebook fan page: Just clicking the "Create a page" button on Facebook will launch you on a three-step process that's very quick and simple to complete. All you have to do is input the name of the website or company (which cannot be changed, by the way, so make it right the first time!), upload a photo or company logo, and add a company bio or description. Voila! Your page is now up and running.

2. Network with your friends: If you don't want to learn how to use Facebook for business by paying other people to promote your page, than promote it yourself. Ask your Facebook friends to "like" your page, and offer to like one of theirs in return if they have one.

3. Pay for others to get likes for you: Many start-up web developers and freelance consultants offer services on the side that involve collecting Facebook likes on your behalf. Some offer as many as 500 likes, depending upon how much money you pay them and how much time you give them to go out and get those likes. This is generally a fairly inexpensive endeavor. For instance, some people charge just a few dollars to collect 25 to 50 likes.

4. Pay for ads: Advertise your Facebook page by paying Facebook to post your ad alongside others' profiles. Select an eye-catching photo that will grab their attention, and write a few words of copy. You might even offer a special deal to those who like your page within a certain time frame. Everyone loves getting a deal, and the more deals you offer in return for likes, the more likes and fans you'll receive.

5. Trade promotions with a similar business: Instead of making your competition your enemy, make them your friend. Offer to promote their page in a status if they'll do the same for you. Your page will be promoted amongst their followers, and their page will get exposure amongst your followers. You can even "like" each others pages. These likes will show up on the left side of your fan page, so that when fans visit the page, they'll see that a company has liked yours and may be inclined to like it as well.

These ideas should help you get started in learning how to use Facebook for business. Remember to start off with the free ideas, then move to the paid ones as you see fit.

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Why Does Your New Website Need Custom Template Design?

Ecommerce is the order of the day and making your way through the millions of entrepreneurs is as difficult as growing crops in Antarctica. The broad spectrum of ecommerce offers such a marketplace where competition is grand and opportunities are infinite. But to be able to grab those opportunities to crush the competition, you have to think ahead, look different and act professionally. For that matter, the unlimited powers and freedom of custom template designing can make things happen for your new Volusion website.

A jump start ahead of the others can go a long way in making progress in this wide world of web commerce. As customization can give you a different look and unique identity, it's absolutely necessary that you use a customized template design for your new store before launching it. When you are able to distinguish yourself through your out of the box thinking, people are going to notice it which means your online presence is not lost among commoners using templates. Custom designing will also help you to place your new ideas, products or services on the internet in a way you aspire them to be placed. With customization you can easily manage to keep a refreshing look about your Volusion store and the visitors of your site will not have that banal feeling they always get visiting those template based sites. Once you have captured their imagination, even the newly launched website will attain maximum conversion rate.

It can be argued that templates are easy to use and cheap or even free but they are definitely not ideal for a voluminous start or continued growth. On the other hand, custom designed templates offer such flexibility required to fulfill the demands of ever changing ecommerce trends. Your business needs constant promotion through attractive selling ideas and you can only execute those ideas through web customization. The template designing has it all be it the finest presentation of your Volusion based setup or the worthy projection of your products and services. It also allows unlimited options that you can avail to establish your new enterprise by increasing traffic to your website through search engine optimization and other marketing tools.

No doubt, the challenges of ecommerce are tough but with positive attitude, proper planning and correct decision making, you can easily cope with them. It will be more beneficial to use your resources rightfully instead of wasting your time and energy in templates. Indeed, a small investment made in custom designed template will earn you back as much you intend.

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"How to Get More Traffic to My Website" Revealed

If you're looking for the answers on how to get more traffic to your website, you may have spent a lot of money in the past with the hopes of getting large amounts of traffic with bulk type traffic providers but ended up with less than desirable results. Or if you haven't yet, it's a good thing you're reading this article, because at some point, many do and they end up regretting it. That's okay, we're going to help you save the pain and frustrations many go through in their search to get more traffic to their websites.

"Know What You're Getting Into First"

Here's one of the first concepts you need to realize so you know what you're getting into with those types of web site traffic setups. When you are purchasing those cheap, bulk traffic packages, you're really just getting 'views' or 'site impressions' instead of actual targeted subscribers. This means the people who see your site may or may not be interested in your offer and so even though it's cheap, it could be a huge waste of your money.

"Easy Example"

Let's just take an example. You buy 100,000 exit pop-under visitors for $100 . If you are new to marketing your sites online, it may look like a great deal when you first look at it if you're in a hurry to get more traffic to your website. But here's the problem with the exit pop under traffic: Very few people who see your site pop up after visiting a site they were interested in, are actually going to be interested in your site.

Think about it, even if the company promises targeted exposures, if the person is leaving that other site before they see yours because they weren't interested in it, then it's highly unlikely they'd even spend any more than a couple of seconds at your site before exiting it too! So let's say 100 people actually did decide to stay at your site for more than just a few seconds. Even in that scenario, you paid $100 for just 100 people to look at your site at all even if they all just ended up leaving once they arrived. At $1 per visitor, you'd need to be selling a $100 product which converted at least 1% to just break even with one person out of the 100 making a purchase. 1% is about average so you'd do far better to explore other methods of getting traffic to your website where people are actually interested in what you have on offer. So if you are one of the people who insist on making this particular type of traffic work, you're going to need to focus on three main objectives in order to make a profit instead of getting skinned alive from bulk visitors who just click away in the first couple of seconds.

The Three Objectives You Must Master

1.The first thing you'll need to do is make sure your offer and site is highly targeted.

(There's no sense in sending people who have expressed no interest in your offer or the niche market your offer would be categorized as in the first place.)

2.The second goal you need to accomplish is to make sure your conversion rate is as high as possible.

3.The third goal is to make sure you send enough of the targeted traffic to your site.

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to create highly targeted squeeze pages for each traffic source you'll have. In other words, you need to create a page designed solely to get the name and email of each of the people who will be visiting your site from that page. Consider why they may be at that traffic source and what they may be interested in purchasing when you design your page. You need to be instantly clear about what they will receive for subscribing to your site's newsletter, ecourse or for signing up to download a free gift you offer them. If you confuse them at all about what they may hope to receive, then you could have very well lost a customer. One way you can increase your conversion rates from your squeeze page before sending your traffic to the salespage of your choice is to make sure it's targeted traffic in the first place.

"How Do I Do This Exactly?"

How do you do this? Well, since we've already established you need to stand out, be clear on what action you want your visitor to take and what they can hope to receive, the best way is to use an attention grabbing headline with some bullet points of benefits and a strong command to subscribe by placing their name and email address into the form and clicking "Give me access" or whatever you put on your "submit" button. This way you know whoever has subscribed has already been "pre-screened" or "pre-qualified" by the headline and benefits on the squeeze page and has an interest in what you'll be offering them later.

This means more targeted traffic to your website which is the best kind of high converting and profitable traffic you can have. If you'd like to see the perfect example of one of these effective squeeze pages in action take a look at this one, That's a squeeze page that has performed extremely well for me and has converted opt ins at rates as high as 70%+ and 60%+ on average. This means you're sure for every 2 visitors visiting your website, one is going to subscribe without fail. So this means not only am I getting more traffic to my website, but following these principles, you'll be getting more targeted traffic to your website too!

Of course there are many more ways to get all the traffic you could ever want to your website. In fact, you could put a new tested and proven tip to work for you everyday for an entire year before exhausting all the methods that work the best.

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Want New Clients Or Patients? Improve Website Traffic

If you operate a professional or medical services business or practice, you cannot afford to ignore the proven fact that you get new clients or patients when you improve website traffic. This assumes, of course, that you have a web site. It also assumes that you want to grow your business. If you can improve website traffic you open the door to new clients or patients for your practice.

According to the Pew Research Center Internet and American Life Project, more than three quarters of all Americans use the internet to gather information or do research. Gathering health information has become an important reason for using the internet during the past decade. According to Pew Research Center findings, "Eight in ten internet users have looked online for health information. Many e-patients say the internet has had a significant impact on the way they care for themselves or for others."

The same is true of professional services in areas such as accounting, financial planning, legal services and more. Can prospective clients/patients find you, or do you need to improve website traffic to your site?

The Internet is rapidly replacing the Yellow Pages when people need to find a professional. This happens more often when professionals improve website traffic. Why is this happening? It is happening for several reasons:

There are too many competing "yellow pages" books.
Many of the yellow pages books do not reflect current information.
A professional's website includes far more information about the individual's background, specialties, ethics, education and personality which will improve website traffic.
A website will probably include a map of where the office(s) is located. In addition to showing proximity to one's home, the map provides instant directions, which saves time.
A website can also provide information to a client/patient such as how to schedule an appointment, what to bring to the appointment, how early to arrive, where to find parking, what to do in the time leading up to an appointment, additional information on various types of problems or needs that would bring the new client/patient to you. This information will also improve website traffic.
Good websites also indicate how you handle payments, fee structures, etc.
Websites often include what other clients/patients say about your services.
Websites can also provide lists of memberships in professional associations or societies.
Good websites also list community activities.

Your website can provide the additional information a prospective client/patient cannot obtain from the phone book or from a referral. In fact, the kind of information many people want before they schedule an appointment is precisely the kind of information not readily available anywhere. The only way to get this information, other than from a good website, is through a personal referral. Isn't this the best reason to have a good website that will improve website traffic?

When you improve website traffic, you will receive more qualified leads to grow your business simply because of the personal information you can provide. You will also generate more leads for your business or practice when you improve website traffic because it is faster and easier for people to find you, find out where your office is located, and confirm your area of specialty (or other appropriate qualifying information).

A good website, well designed and populated with the right information will not only improve website traffic to your online presence, it will draw the potential clients or patients who are most likely to want/need your services and most likely to schedule an appointment. You can also use that website to answer questions clients/patients are likely to have after they leave the first appointment.

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5 Ways Customer Service Managers are Implementing to Increase Customer Focus

According to a Forum Corporation survey of commercial customers lost by 14 major service and manufacturing companies:

15% found a better service/product

15% found a cheaper service/product

20% cited "lack of contact and individual attention from the company"

50% said; "contact from old suppliers" personnel was poor in quality"

These days, it seems that everyone from dog walkers to dotcoms is making "customer service" their mission.  Department, discount and convenience stores have all transformed the workers who used to be known as "sales clerks" into "customer service associates"- in theory at least.  A recent survey of large corporation CEOs revealed that 67% had customer service earmarked as their top priority.  Here are the 5 ways successful managers should implement to increase customer focus.

1. Targeted recruiting and hiring.  Today's managers are faced with the challenge of recruiting and hiring people who value customers.  The concern far exceeds hiring the right talent; it includes the awareness of hiring for the cultural fit of their organization.   It is true that a strong correlation exists between hiring the right customer service talent and customer satisfaction, effective productivity and increased bottom line profitability.

2. Listen for what customers really need.  While the extra effort being put forth to be customer focused is encouraging, there is a big difference between customer service and customer satisfaction.  This is where many companies get confused and customer service efforts can go awry.  Customer satisfaction is an outcome; customer service is a means or strategy for achieving that outcome.  To move toward greater customer satisfaction, businesses must focus on what it is that, indeed, satisfies the customer instead of just focusing on the activities themselves.

3. Handle tough customers with tact.  Quality of service is what distinguishes one company from another.  Far more than in product-producing companies, in service organizations.  The actions of people are the key to quality.  The leadership skills of managers in service organizations can contribute significantly to the quality of customer service efforts.

4. Conduct customer surveys.  Develop and implement a customer survey program.  This will attempt to understand customers' satisfaction with the company, its products and services.  Companies will ask key questions about the customers' experiences and determine the overall level of customer satisfaction.   Compare results of survey against internal performance measurements to ensure their validity.  Managers will use such survey results to understand customer expectation and increase customer loyalty.

5. Motivate employees to be customer-focused.  Managers need to create a sense of enthusiasm and energy that would be powerful and contagious for their employees and customers.   Employee excitement, know how and determination offer insights to the growth of customer base and success of any organization.
Incorporating true customer focus into company practices simply makes good business sense.  It not only helps good managers become better managers, but more effective leaders.  Bringing with it continual improvement, it also aids organizations so that they are better able to take advantage of, and adapt to, the changing environment that is today's marketplace.
Business can't exist without customers, and customers don't let businesses exist without customer service.  This all-important aspect of your company begins with becoming customer-focused.  Instead of viewing things from your business' perspective, you must learn to view circumstances from that of your clients.  To stay successful, customer satisfaction is a must!

Tips and; Tactics

o Pay attention to customer feedback:
It's the only way you'll really know what they want

o Embrace Technology:
It can help you save tremendously on customer service costs.

o Make customer satisfaction a priority:
From the top executives down, give your corporate culture a customer-focused angle.

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